Robin Thicke Says He Has the Most Dysfunctional Marriage

According To Radar Online

Robin Thicke is one of the most talked about entertainers of today. The singer recently discussed his union to wife Paula Patton and stated, “the greatest love of the century, and the most functional, dysfunctional marriage in Hollywood,” in a new interview with Star. “I knew she was special the night I met her,” said the R&B singer, whose father is Growing Pains star Alan Thicke. “I was only 14, but she was already the most special girl. As a relationship progresses, you fall in love again in so many deeper ways,” said Robin.

“You realize that you need each other and you can’t live without each other.” Thicke took it in stride when asked about the photo in which he was goosing a fan following a MTV VMAs bash last month. “My only comment about the so-called scandalous photo would be that my wife and I are perfectly in love and very happily married. “So, no complaints there.”


Asked how he and his wife would explain, to their 3-year-old son Julian, his more salacious work — including cavorting in front of nude models in the mega-hit Blurred Lines video, and being on the receiving end of Miley Cyrus’ now-famous VMAs twerking — Robin, brushed it off as an occupational hazard. “We’re not teachers and lawyers,” he said. “Mommy has shown her naked body for roles and Daddy has been around naked bodies, it’s just what we do.” “I’m sure he’ll get a little ribbing at school, but at least Mommy looks great naked and Daddy’s song was a hit!”

It’s nice to hear of a couple in Hollywood who are genuinely in love with each other. They’re beautiful to watch together.