Riff Raff Suing the Makers of the Movie Spring Breakers for $8 to $10 Million for Jacking His Swag

Rapper and former MTV reality star Riff Raff says he’s suing the people responsible for the movie “Spring Breakers” for $8 to $10 MILLION for mocking his style in the movie!

Raff he believes he was the basis for the character played by Actor James Franco. Franco’s character Alien (a white rapper/gangster with cornrows and gold teeth) had a striking resemblance to Raff and therefore he believes he should get a hefty amount of money for the swagger jacking.

On his way out of AV Club in Hollywood last night, Riff offered up the logic behind his case and his these words of wisdom to say:

“It’s like if I have a front yard. And you’re planting soil and you’re planting trees and building peaches and houses and selling parking lots on my property … then I deserve to be compensated for some portion of that money.”



Do you think Riff Raff should be paid?

Source: TMZ