Rick Ross Baby Mother Wins $5 Million Lawsuit Over 50 Cent Sex Tape Leak


Looks like Rick Ross‘ baby mother is the one laughing to the bank right now after winning a $5 million lawsuit against, Ross arch nemesis, hip hop mogul 50 Cent.

Via: TMZ 

50 Cent is down $5 million after losing the sex tape lawsuit with Rick Ross’ baby mama, and he might owe even more money.

The jurors — 4 women, 2 men — deliberated for just over an hour before awarding Lavonia Leviston $2.5 million in damages for using her image without her permission … and another $2.5 mil for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Leviston’s lawyers argued that the rapper had leaked the tape online as a ploy for publicity, and to diss Ricky Rozay.

Fifty never showed up during the trial or even for the verdict. Next week, the jury will decide on punitive damages … so Fifty’s tab could go way up.