Raz B Off Life Support, Breathing and Responsive

R&B singer Raz B is out of his coma and in stable condition after being injured while trying to break up a fight at one his show’s in China.

Sources close to the former B2K member came out of his life-threatening coma Sunday at a hospital in China. He is stable, breathing on his own, smiling and responsive … but has not yet been released from the hospital. He’s staying a few more days to be monitored.

Raz was smashed in the face with a bottle Thursday while performing at a club in China. He was rushed to the hospital where he underwent minor surgery.

But the next day, when Raz didn’t wake up his back-up dancer rushed him to the hospital again. It was determined he was in a coma and placed on life support.

A rep for Raz B says Doctors say it’s a miracle that he survived.

Source: TMZ