Ray Rice Lands $1 Million Contract Offer From Fantasy Football Company


Troubled NFL star Ray Rice is on a good start to 2015, after the rough year he had in 2014.

TMZ was responsible for helping to ruin the young Baltimore Ravens star’s career after releasing footage of him having a domestic dispute with his wife Janay.

However, the gossip media maven is first to report Rice’s new high-paying gig within the football industry.


Via: TMZ

Ray Rice has just received a $1 MILLION contract offer from a fantasy football website hoping to sign him as a spokesperson … but there’s a catch — if you hit your wife, we get our money back.

Rice has been contacted by ProDraftLeague.com to be an official PRO Draft League Fantasy Insider.

CEO Mark Tadros tells TMZ, “Mr. Rice has shown deep remorse for his act of domestic violence and I feel he deserves a second chance.”

We’re told the job is a 1-year gig which pays a $500k base salary and includes another $500k in bonuses based on membership milestones.

Rice’s job obligations would include:

— 2 TV commercials
— 2 viral videos
— 1 photo shoot
— 30 media interviews
— weekly column with personal analysis on which NFL players to play
— field reporter work, interviewing various NFL players for the site

Now for the catch — “It’s been one year since Mr. Rice physically assaulted his wife and we are very confident that he will not do it again,” Tadros says.

“But in the event that he does while being employed by Pro Draft League, his contract will be immediately terminated and the entire $500k must be returned PLUS an additional $500k in damages that our brand will incur for being associated with Mr. Rice.”

So far, no word if Rice plans on accepting the offer.