Rants To Come? – Twitter Abandons 140 Character Limit


Or life stories maybe? It’s been rumored that Twitter plans to expand their character limit to 10,000 characters. Although a recent change in character limit in direct messaging has been put in place, it makes much more sense for private chat.


If you thought people went on rants before… it’ll be like no other. At least it’s said that only the first 140 characters will show, and the remaining text would have to be accessed via a “read more” link. Well, that’s a relief. Or is it? I don’t think we want another Facebook type of system going on, as that’s already way too much.

If it is true it’s set to roll out at the end of Q1 2016. Some other changes may come with this but the deets aren’t all sorted out yet so stick around.


How do you feel about the character limit change? Does it take the uniqueness out of the social platform? Will you be writing your life story on Twitter?! Make a statement!
Via Cult of Mac

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