Ransom Responds to Nicki Minaj Rant Saying She Overreacted

We told you yesterday about rapstress Nicki Minaj going ham over her old friend Ransom insinuating in his new song that he use to ghostwrite for Nicki. However, Ransom is saying that Nicki completely overreacted and that the whole beef is one giant misunderstanding.

Ransom was out in NYC last night and finally explained what he meant in his new song “Man Alone” when he rapped that he was “doing verses” for Nicki before she made it big.

What I meant was, she used to call me to get on her songs,” Ransom says … “I meant that we did verses TOGETHER. I did verses for her records.”

Of course, the lyrics were interpreted by AllHipHop.com as a diss on Nicki — the site believes he was taking credit for ghostwriting her songs.

But Ransom says that’s all B.S. — “I never wrote no songs for her.”

Ransom says he tried to watch the video of Nicki going off on him earlier this week — in which she calls him a “f**king desperate” liar — but he says it was too “disrespectful.”

It’s clear Ransom was hurt by what Nicki because he mentioned that they were pretty tight back in the day and did a bunch of songs together.

We’re sure Nicki will sweep this under the rug once she learns it was a misunderstanding.

Source: TMZ