Rachel Roy Says She’s Not “Becky With The Good Hair” in Beyonce’ “Sorry” [Pics]


Beyoncé has everyone talking about her visual album “Lemonade” and the many subliminals she dropped within the song lyrics on HBO Saturday night.

On one particular track “Sorry”, Bey painfully sings about her cheating husband apology for cheating with “boy bye” and “middle fingers up” before ending it with the line, “he better call Becky with the good hair.”

Many members of the Beyhive quickly tried to guess just who the hell Beck was, but an old friend of Hov’s was quick to drop a hint that insinuated that she might be the Becky who’s pissing Bey off.


Rachel Roy took to Instagram on the night of “Lemonade” premier to post (and delete) a photo of herself ignoring “drama queens.” with the shady caption, “Good hair don’t care, but we will take good lighting for selfies, or self truths, always,”


If you can remember, Rachel is Dame Dash‘s ex-wife who was allegedly the reason behind Solange and Jay Z’s elevator incident at the 2014 Met Gala.

Sources allege that Solange didn’t like the way Jay Z was “hovering over” and flirting with Rachel at the Gala, and let Hov have it in the elevator.

Since dropping the “Becky with the good hair” subliminal on IG, Rachel has been getting read to filth by members of Beyonce’s BeyHive.



Rachel has since taken to Twitter to shut down any false beliefs that she is anyone’s sidechick “Becky”.


She still didn’t say if she was quoting Bey with her “good hair” reference.

Source: Bossip