Rachel Jeantel Responds to Critics Who Say She Makes Black People Look Bad

In a recent interview Rachel did with HuffPost Live, she was asked about how she feels about people who see her as nothing but a horrible embarrassment to Black people.

“They say I was embarrassing them. Why? I put my face on a stage, the whole world watching and I’m embarrassing you? I’m fighting for you, to make sure nobody do that to your child, your nephew, your nieces, your brother, your daddy, your father, your mother, all that. And I’m embarrassing you? You should be appreciating. You should learn from this situation. If it happened to you or if it happened to someone in your family, would you step up? Or you’d just stand there and say ‘Oh, it ain’t my business?’ ‘Cause that’s what everybody’s thinking. I didn’t care about this. I ain’t wanna be there. It’s not I didn’t wanna be there…The best thing that I can tell everybody…Don’t judge a book by its cover. You don’t know the person. Nobody wanna be there in that situation. That’s the hot seat. It was hot. And my butt was burning. And I had to go on for ridiculous questions. And asking the same question doesn’t matter to the case. It’s what happened that night.”

Rachel Jeantel is a perfect example of what this whole case is about. Stop judging people off of what you perceive them to be. We can’t deny that Jeantel isn’t the most educated person, but she’s still a lot braver than a lot of us today. With people like Tom Joyner stepping up to offer her help, it shows the rest of us that unless you’re going to do the same then stfu!!!!


Source: Bossip