Quentin Miller’s Original “10 Bands Track” Shows Drake Copied It [Audio]


Well it seems like Meek Mill wasn’t all the way lying when he called Drake out for having someone by the name of Quentin Miller write his rhymes.

Legendary DJ Funkmaster Flex released an original version of Drake’s hit “10 Bands” with Quentin rapping the same lyrics and flow that Drizzy ended up using on the song.


Via: TMZ

Drake and Meek Mill’s beef just went way beyond a silly Twitter war — because an alternate version of a Drake hit was just leaked … and it features the alleged ghostwriter’s vocals and verses.

The song is “10 Bands” … and Quentin Miller’s version is damn near identical to Drake’s. Funkmaster Flex first played it late Wednesday on NYC’s Hot 97 … throwing gasoline on the fire Meek started by accusing Drake of not writing his own raps — a HUGE insult in hip hop.

Meek and a few other rappers are claiming Drake used Quentin’s take as a reference to record his final version. For what it’s worth … Miller does have credits on several Drake tracks, including “10 Bands.”

Drake’s remained silent about the allegation — except for a comment to a friend on social media … “I signed up for greatness. This comes with it.”