Puma & Quani Call Out Ceaser & Dutchess For Allegedly Ordering An Attack on Them


The long history of bad blood between Black Ink Crew castmembers Puma, Quani, Ceaser, and Dutchess continues to brew.

Puma and his wife Quani are now seeking legal action against Ceaser and Dutchess following a recent altercation that turned physical and left Quani and an intern covered in blood.

Via: TMZ

Puma from VH1’s “Black Ink Crew” is calling out 2 of his co-stars for allegedly masterminding an attack on his wife that left her battered and bruised.

It all went down at the “Central Intelligence” premiere 2 weeks ago in NYC. Puma and his wife, Quani, were taking pics in the theater lobby when they say a woman pounced … slugging Quani in the face.

Puma says he didn’t recognize the woman, but believes she was sent by Ceaser andDutchess — 2 other ‘BIC’ cast members … and he’s at least half right.

C & D were at the premiere, and admit the woman was their “intern,” but they tell us Quani is the one who attacked … hitting the woman with a folding chair, “like some WWE s***.”


We’ve confirmed the intern filed a police report, but she didn’t name any names in it. Puma denies going on the attack, and believes C & D are “bullies” who set up the whole mess.