Public Transportation No No’s: MTA Etiquette


For those MTA faithful passengers like myself in New York City, there’s a certain etiquette one must carry when traveling to your destinations. You are NOT in your car or home so here are some things that nobody should do on the train or bus for the benefit of other passengers…you know we have somewhere to go too, right? And if you are guilty of participating in any of these Public Transportation No No’s, then know that you are annoying, and you need stop it.


1) Do Not Pass Gas (at least loud enough for people to hear):

So you had lunch at Chipotle with your co-worker, and the beans and sour cream aren’t sitting well in your tummy. You feel the air bubbles telling you that they want to be freed in the bathroom, yet you wait until you get home so that you can fart in peace. However, your train ride is 45 minutes long. You know you should’ve let one rip as you walked outside and passed it off as a smelly trash can. Now I have to sit next to you on the train and watch you pretend like you didn’t just let one loose? If you can’t contain it, simply wait to the train stops, pretend as if you’re letting a passenger on the train, and let it go. I don’t want to smell or hear your sour cream and guacamole exiting your system. Respect my nose.

white guy headphones

2) Do Not Play Your Music Without Headphones:

If you CANNOT afford a five dollar pair of headphones, then you should NOT have a phone. It doesn’t matter what you are listening to or how much you love Drake’s new album. It is rude, it is distracting, and it is just ratchet.  Most phones come with ear pieces anyway, that should help you out. And if you lose yours like most Americans, buy new ones. Because if everybody wanted to hear what you’re listening too, then we would ask you for the name of the song.



This rule is for people of all shapes and sizes over the age of 5. You are not a child. You cannot comfortably manage to sit in between two people with NO space and expect there to not be an issue. Don’t think because you’re a size 6 that you can fit, because if there are size 20’s on the right and left of you, then clearly they don’t want you in between their sandwich. And do not get angry at the size 20’s because you feel they shouldn’t sit there. Umm…. They were there first, who told you to squeeze!


4) No Train Performances on ANY day before 12:00pm:

I understand you want to hustle; you’re young boys from the hood looking to make a buck or a talented woman who came into hard times and wants to share your singing talents with the 3 train line. But at 9:00am on any given day, nobody cares. They are either tired on their way to work and school or spending some quality weekend time with the family. Do not get on the train and start playing your guitar. It’s rude. When it’s afternoon and everybody has had their cup of coffee, then do your thing. But it should be a crime for me to be forced to watch you jump on top of the train walls when I haven’t even had breakfast yet.


5) 5 Second Grace Period for Train Holding: You can’t seem to get your Metrocard ready and your brother is holding the train for you until you get through the turnstile. Okay, that’s fine. But if 2 minutes have passed and you still cannot find your Metrocard, then you should walk. Nobody deserves to be late for their day on the account of you not being aware enough to know “Oh hey, I’m walking to the train station. Let me make sure that my wallet is within reach so I can catch the train”.  It’s so inconsiderate to just hold the train for your friend who needs a single ride. And WHO BUYS SINGLE RIDES!!!!

It may seem like a lot, but when you decide to ride the train or bus with other people, you are choosing to respect their space, privacy, and time. Just be more mindful of those around you next time you are on the go!