Prosecution Closing Arguments in Zimmerman Trial: Very Powerful Statements

The moment we’ve all been waiting for with the Zimmerman trial. 17 year old murder victim Trayvon Martin‘s defense attorney Bernie de la Rionda hammered Zimmerman in his closing arguments in an attempt for justice for Trayvon Martin.

It took over an hour to get through, but de le Rionda did an amazing job of showing how much Zimmerman has been lying this whole time, how Martin truly was the victim, and how Zimmerman was just a “wannabe cop” acting off of assumptions, and ended up murdering a child.

Trayvon will never get a chance to enjoy some of the best pleasures that life can give, and he doesn’t even have the chance to defend himself in court. But hopefully justice will be served for Trayvon.

Watch the first part of closing arguments below. Zimmerman’s defense attorneys still have to get their chance to go, and Trayvon’s defense attorneys will have their chance to give their final closing arguments after.