Poetry Corner: “Still You Rise” By Brittany Jones [Dedicated to Maya Angelou)


Dedicated to our Ivy Beyond the Wall Soror Maya Angelou


Still you rise
With grace and serenity beneath your tongue
All entangled with breaths of healing powers amongst generations
And a spirit that resonates like tree trunks
Still you rise
Oh how defiant are we as a people, crippling in mind and anxious to hear not a syllable of help
You a Moses of our time
Leading pathways unforeseen
Guiding lights within past poisoned trails
Oh still you rise
Teachings flowing within textbooks, poems engraved in curriculum
A remedy to mind
You were the worlds carpenter
Fixing hearts and mending relationships
So still you rise
What more can we attest to than the intelligence of your words, the power of your presence
Unmatched are your works
Rare are your deeds
For the beauty of your soul glistened in households
Still you rise
Even with the abuse of your past
A warrior in your own right
Fighting battles with weapons of words
And slicing away all competition without feeling scrapings of your dermis
Still you rise
For you are what God intended for us
An angel to reassure His work goes noticed
So I don’t blame Him for wanting your company
Still you rise
Blanketed high in the sky
Amongst nature’s land
Dispersing pieces of yourself within a color line that was so shattered
Oh still you rise Maya
Still you rise

By: Brittany Jones ( @goldie_locz on Instagram @AKAFlocka08 on Twitter)