Poetry Corner: Greek Grave by Brittany Jones (Dedicated to Divine 9 Organizations)


As Founder/CEO of MaseTV, I have written a variety of pieces on the site that pertain to Black greek life among Divine 9 organizations. Since becoming a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated in Spring 2010, I have noticed a constant decline of Black greek life and culture as a whole.

Long lost are the days when carrying your letters in pride, while providing role model type examples for future generations through strong leadership, service to the community, and unity among D9 orgs. This is still practiced by many members, but its also drowned out by t-shirt wearers, perpetrators, drama over who “pledged the hardest”, and the list goes on.

For those of us who choose to take the culture serious, and carry on the legacy of our respective organizations through true service, we often times get discouraged when looking at the future of our culture as the interests are often times provided with the wrong representation of what Black greek life is truly about.

Below is a poem by one of my sorors, that beautifully hits the nail right on the head when it comes to the current state of Black greek life.

Written By: Brittany Jones ( @goldie_locz )
Black Greek  Divine 9 Celebration
To mine own eyes, I’ve been inclined to bulge my psyche on the decline of our species
Focus that has microscoped under the grains of small matters and now eclipsing beyond rare circumstance
Circumstance… so similar to the cruel and belligerent crimes of past hate that has stuck its head deep and trickled up to our present
Present…it is so evident that such phenomenons as black Greeks has abandoned the purpose of organizational superiority all due to inferiority
Inferior amongst a nation who shackled individuals within a color spectrum
So as the purpose was evident, now lies the aftermath of a people who have lost it all
A people who rather chant in popularity rather than be enriched in the culture of its start up
A people whose closet fills with letters true to a foundation that they let crumble
A people who steadily are losing grip with why founders produced a string of cultural identity
An identity that is obviously lost
So as the intellect dies down, the pieces of unity once formed gets lashed as forcefully as prior brutality
Battles turn into wars
Wounds turn to scars all because the letters bleed a different color yet wasnt that why we were formed in the first place?
Friendly opponents have turned to enemies while outsiders laugh at us
Creeping and waiting patiently for us to fail
And as we lay in our own throw up who are the ones to blame but ourselves?
Like love many seem to be blinded by the spotlight…a self depreciating process
We rather chant hate than humble ourselves
So when we get called organized gangs, the title doesn’t fall far from our actions
It counteracts our prelude, once a mastery of black accomplishment, now an embezzlement of wannabes
Wannabes of fake attraction all set to just stroll at the next party
Or wannabes with misleading personas who have burned the history of what their signs mean

“My brother”“my sister” used to be a shield that ricocheted all hate, what turmoil bounced off of

But yet as the times as changed the accumulation of modern slavery has shown its face
Slowly emerging like a snake ready for its next victim
Although the numbers aren’t all and the few that help lay those building blocks are within reach, they are far outnumbered
Each organization formed an oath to obey the terms through why they were formed
Yet the message gets lost in space
So what shall transpire in the future years
When I want my own seed to be apart of history?
Will I let them be a part of what now lies as a mystery? Clueless in its ways
Or have them indulge In it all?

I just know as that “species” we cannot let black Greek society….fall!