Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 Headphones (Review)

Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2
Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2

Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2: Premium headphones at the perfect price


As wireless headphones become increasingly popular, more and more options are available, but –  which ones are worth the price? Plantronics has recently released their Backbeat Pro 2 model which is a wonderful upgrade from its first model. After a few weeks of wearing them daily, I’m ready to discuss my thoughts.


The Backbeat Pro 2’s are slightly reduced in size and weight compared to its predecessor.  The new design is more fashionable, sleek and still stylish at the same time. The ear cups are also more oblong shaped compared to the previous super round design which wasn’t the greatest for all ear types. This upgrade is just right. Accents on the cups are slightly different, as they eliminated the phone symbol and slightly changed the volume rocker. You’ll have to learn by feel for a bit, but you’ll eventually get it.

The fit is very comfortable around your head and if you wear earrings, the cups aren’t super tight so you can actually keep them on for once. The cups also swivel, so if you decide to take them off you can keep them around your neck with the cups flat against your body.



The pairing process is relatively easy and once paired it will connect to your device automatically. The Pro 2’s also do crank out over 20 hours of play time as advertised. After a full charge I did not have to charge them for about 7 days (keep in mind I’m using  while commuting daily and during the day). For continuous play on high volume, you might get a bit shorter play time – which is still plenty. They also charge quickly which is a huge plus.



Sound and performance are key players when purchasing a new set of headphones and Plantronics definitely knocked the ball out of the park with this set. The Pro 2’s have dramatically improved sound making these some pretty sweet headphones for an affordable price tag of $199. Bass/lows are perfectly leveled and highs are pretty crisp. All around solid sound with ANC as well. The ANC functionality is much improved from the first pro model as the distortion from higher bass levels is no longer an issue. Sometimes highs would be screechy but this is also fixed in the Pro 2 model. The open mic feature is also great for hearing things around you in crowded spaces (aka being nosy) or for stopping to hear train announcements, etc.

Auto Sensors

Like their previous model, these also have auto sensors that detect when you take the headphones off and automatically pauses your music. Although this is a wonderful feature – it’s very sensitive at times and will stop if you have them slightly off. If you’re on the phone they will also auto mute if you take them off – but again, if you have them too far on the back of your head or positioned a certain way it will auto mute and you don’t know until it alerts you that mute is off. Yep. You might end up talking to yourself for a bit. It’s a very fun feature but also very delicate.


The Bottom Line

The Backbeat Pro 2’s are fantastic headphones at an unbeatable price for the features you get. They’re available for $199.99 at Get yourself some great headphones that don’t require shaking that piggy bank.

Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2



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