Phonesuit Journey All-in-One Portable Charger (Review)


These days it’s almost impossible to walk around with a dead phone or device. There are so many portable chargers, battery packs, charging cases and other gadgets of that nature that keep us powered on the go. You already know I have one too many things to keep charged so of course I have several back up batteries. I’ve been using the Phonesuit Journey all-in-one charger for a while now and it’s definitely my go to charger.


The Phonesuit Journey all-in-one portable charger is the thinnest charger of it’s kind at 0.5 inches and it’s a perfect to go accessory.

The charger has a foldable AC wall charger, which is my favorite because you don’t have to carry around anything else. It comes equipped with 1 lighting cable for iPhone/iPad on one end of the charger and the other side has 1 micro-usb cable for other Samsung etc. devices.

It also has one full USB output port (so you can charge almost any device) and a high speed 2.4 amp output. The icing on the cake – it has a 3500mAh built in battery.  This means 1 or more charges depending on the device you have. In my case, the iPhone 5S battery is about 1570mAh so I have a bit more than double charge using this charger.


Like every other techie – of course I have a bunch of portable chargers. This one by far is my favorite because no additional wires are needed and its small enough to carry around all the time. This charger is also great because you could charge multiple devices at a time (plugged or unplugged). It recharges really fast and it also charges my devices quickly. When charging multiple devices at a time, charging times can be slower but the battery still does it’s job quite well.


This ultra thin charger is the thinnest of it’s kind and packs enough battery to keep you fueled through a long day. For those of you looking for a all-in-one charger to cater to your need to charge several devices the Phonesuit Journey is the way to go. You don’t need to lug around any wires and the wall charger is pretty darn handy. Even if you’re not by an outlet you could still use the included microUSB cable to charge it up.


Available on their website at for $79.99

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