Peter Gunz Explains Why Corey Gunz Has Been M.I.A. While Trying to Avoid Prison

Peter Gunz has been putting his personal affairs between his two women, Tara and Amina, on blast on Love & Hip Hop New York. However, it has led many to ask, “What’s up with his son Cory Gunz?”

According to Peter, his YMCMB rapper son’s once major media buzz had to be tamed to help his child avoid jail time, however, Corey’s proper debut album will drop in 2014.

Back in January 2012, Cory Gunz got arrested with a loaded gun in The Bronx. Although he had never committed a crime, he was still facing between two and nine years in prison. The Young Money affiliation, and his father felt that his son might be made an example of by the justice system, and be sentenced time that he didn’t deserve because of his fame.

So Pete’s plan was to get Cory out of the spotlight. “I figured if he cooled off and the cameras stopped coming to the courts and the newspapers stayed away, the judge may look at him as a kid that’s never been in trouble before and give him probation,” Peter Gunz told Hip-Hop Wired. “And it worked.” The Love & Hip Hop New York star added, “Now we can go back and get him where he need to be. It’s not easy being hot cold, hot cold, but I’d rather that than to see my son sit in prison for two and a half years.”

Awwwww Peter loves his kids…..I don’t know about the ladies though.


Source: HipHopWired