People Call Mendeecees Out for Slandering Erika From Behind Bars on #LHHNYReunion [Video]


It was an explosive part one of the “Love and Hip Hop NY” Reunion show.

During last night’s reunion, many viewers watched as incarcerated Mendeecees spoke from behind bars about the timeline of his relationships with all three of his baby mamas.

Yandy and Mendeecees are adamant that Erika, the mother to Mendeecees’ son Aasim, was nothing more than a “slide” who he slept with while dating his other baby mama Samantha, and had unprotected sex with while on a break with Yandy……yea all of that!

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Now that things have blown up between the baby mamas while Mendeecees finishes his 8-year sentence, the father of 4 was asked to speak from behind the cell to clear up the timeline of he and Erika’s relationship, or “friendship” as Mendeecees put it.

“We met like 13 years ago,” said Menedeecees in a recorded phone call with LHHNY reunion host Nina Parker. “I was dating Samantha at the time—matter of fact, we was living together. And we [me & Erika] was just friends, we were cool.”

He also once again noted that he cheated on Samantha with Erika…

“Yeah I have, during those three years of being with Samantha, I realized I didn’t really wanna be with Samantha and I cheated with Erika. […] I wasn’t with her, me and Erika were never in a relationship.”

and added that Erika never had a problem with being the other woman.

“I’m not trying to diss Erika in no type of way, it’s just the truth. Even to this day I never told her I love her and she never told me she loves me. […] You know she’s never been to my house. She just knew I had a girlfriend and it never been a problem.”

He also noted that the pictures of them “traveling the world together” were from excursions between two friends…….

Boy bye! Watch the full clip below.

However, despite Mendeecess claims, some fans aren’t buying it, and took to social media to blast Mendeecees for being disrespectful to the mother of one of his children.

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Both Erika and Samantha took to Instagram to show how unbothered she is about the situation.

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Yandy appears to still be standing by her man and called what Erika and Sam mentioned on the reunion show nothing but “alternative facts”.


Welp! Save to say these baby mamas won’t be having any family functions together anytime soon.