Pauly D’s Baby Mama Reveals Texts of Him Begging Her to Have an Abortion

Pauly D got himself in a real rough situation now that he has to deal with this money-hungry heaux for 18 more years. More reports are coming out around the announcement of Pauly’s lovechild with a Las Vegas groupie, and it’s get even more Jersey Shore-ish as the details unfold.

Via TMZ reports:

Pauly D wanted his baby mama to have an abortion … and here’s how we know. His baby mama is trying to sell texts he sent to her urging her to end the pregnancy.

Amanda Markert is trying to hawk the text messages to various media outlets in which Pauly asked her to end the pregnancy and he offered to foot the bill.

At the time Pauly felt it was the right thing to do, partly because of the way the baby was conceived. There was no plan to have a child … and the fact is it was a one-night stand.

Pauly has come around in a big way, not only trying to see the baby but he’s fighting for custody.

By the way, get this — sources close to Pauly say Amanda actually took the money for the abortion, but then … obviously … decided to keep the child.