Party Wardrobe Looks to Consider for A Night Out

I (PrimpProper) took the time out to pick out a few party dresses for the ladies to give you an idea of what a perfect party dress is. I’ve seen some outfits in the past that screamed “I am fashion retard and don’t know what the hell im doing”. Well I hope you ladies find this post helpful.

I know a lot of the plus size females may have a hard time finding party dress that are the perfect fit and still sexy. Just because  you are a plus size does not mean you should not look and feel fabulous like any other woman on the party scene.

You ladies need to step out and make sure you Make A Statement in your dress in a positive way. Its true what they say Big Girls need Love too, so I picked out few outfit ideas from Let me know what you think @PrimpProper

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You know I have to show the petite women love also. A lot of high end designer dress are made to fit runway models, and petite girls have it much easier on finding a party dress than the average bigger woman.

However, here are some great party dress ideas I picked from


mase 3Now im not telling you ladies to go out and purchase these exact dresses. However, I wanted to give you ladies an idea of what a proper party dress looks like. Simple, elegant, and still classy.

I’ve sen some party dress in the past that made me wonder what true friends you have that would let you out the house looking like Booboo the fool. Take pride in how you step out into a party ladies.

Now I know a lot of you ladies are probably saying what the hell does this guy know about party dresses I may not know have the greatest knowledge on party dresses, but I know what a guy likes to see when a girl steps into a party. Girls may think we want a girl to be almost naked at the parties….but that’s not always the case. We rather see you naked after the party :)


Stay Stylish My Friends