Pajamas Can Be Sexy In Public: Ways to Wear This New Fashionable Look


Growing up, you were taught PJs were a no no in public, but fashion has now thrown that theory out the window. Pajamas can be a statement of confidence, that comfort is your first priority, or just a daring statement, that your comfortable enough to be sexy in the skin your in.

This is not the first sight of the sexy, sophisticated, sleek trend. It’s been done numerous times, seen on Reno Russo in 1974, Sharon Stone in 1995 and now designers like Marc Jacobs are creating their twist on the old school look.


Ways to wear the look:

Silk slips or gowns pull together the PJ look for evening. The fabric of a silk slip dress clings the body in all the right ways. Pair it with a high pump and the right accessories for a sexy night out.

Velvet slip on loafers can be a subtle touch to the pajama look. They are easy to slip on and even with its masculine look and be super feminine.

Choose a pajama style pants that’s tapered at the leg. Pair it with a more casual top to break up the look.


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