OtterBox Resurgence Power Case For iPhone5/5s [Review]


OtterBox has stepped into the rechargeable phone case venue with their Resurgence high powered battery pack case. With other options in the ring- some wonder why OtterBox Resurgence? Well, we put the Resurgence power case to the test, check out the results below.




  • iPhone 5/5s power case delivers more than 2X your iPhone’s battery power
  • Military-rated drop protection (MIL STD 810G-516.6)
  • Slim, premium design for superior protection and sleek style
  • Auto-stop charge technology: automatically stops charging once your iPhone 5/5s is fully charged, saving you power for later
  • High-speed charging gets your iPhone up and running in a flash
  • Front-facing LED displays the case power status in 25% increments for a quick-check power status


As you know, OtterBox is fantastic when it comes to protection. The case boasts military rated drop defense protecting your phone from all kinds of drops and bumps.

The case is made up of a two piece fiberglass-filled polycarbonate shell and is very sturdy. The white separates from the teal part of the case. The inside of the case is a high density foam cushioning keeping your device protected.

otterbox resurgence review2


Battery life:

Although the specs say you could charge your phone almost twice, for some reason most times I couldn’t even get a full single charge out of my case. It takes around two hours to charge – it will charge your phone first then charge the case. When using it – I put my phone to charge when it is on 16%-20% and I was only able to reach 89%-96% and the battery pack was done. The indicator on the bottom right shows how much battery is left in 4 quarters with led lights. That came in handy when I wanted to know how much power was left.

otterbox resurgence review3

Other instances I could get to 99% and it died. I can’t quite say much about the auto stop technology because the case would die before my phone reached a 100%. With that said – although you may not get a full charge…. at least you know you have most of your battery life back and your phone won’t die, but for the price, some of you just won’t be satisfied with that. This is a little disappointing because this is one of the features that was supposed to make this case different from the competition.



The case as I mentioned before is indeed sturdy. It is very difficult to open the case, which was very annoying. I won’t say it is a totally bad thing though, because if it was easy to open it wouldn’t resist drops well…. because the case would just fly open. But I definitely struggled a bit. The key is to open it from the top middle and from then you will become a pro at opening it.

I’ve dropped the phone from short distances and the case held up. I’m only 4’10 so I’m already a bit closer to the ground. I haven’t test dropped it from a higher height, but if it happens to fall from somewhere high i’ll update this and let you know how that went. But for now I can say that I have dropped it a few times on the concrete and my phone is fine.

Other points that you may care about:

The headphone jack extender works perfectly fine and so do the buttons while the case is on. Many times cases make using the buttons difficult but this case does not pose any issues in that department. It was just annoying when I decided to switch headphones and left the jack extender on a different pair at home. Most times I used wireless headphones so again, not a biggie.

The Bottom Line

The Resurgence power case has proved to be reliable when it comes to saving your battery from the brink of death. In addition the build is also great for protection but I expected more from it. For the price of $99.95 most people would want those two charges but if you are satisfied with a case that offers maximum protection, style, and a pinch of power, by all means get your hands on one HERE.


Images: OtterBox