Orlando Bloom Tries to Punch Justin Bieber Over Ex- Wife Miranda Kerr [Video]

Bloom was taunted by Justin Bieber, who posted a photo of his estranged wife Miranda Kerr briefly on Instagram Tuesday, after Orlando tried to punch him during an unexpected run-in at Cipriani in Ibiza.

A source close to both stars tells BOSSIP, “Justin didn’t even realize it was Orlando at first until he said something smart to him.”

Things took an ugly turn when Bieber asked about Bloom’s estranged wife Miranda Kerr.

“He said, ‘Tell Miranda what’s up’,” the source tells BOSSIP of the moment when Bloom snapped and tried to jump on the younger entertainer.


According to our source, Bloom’s anger stems from Bieber’s history with Kerr, a flirtation detailed in the tabloids last year after word got out that the supermodel (who was already a big fan of the Biebs before the two met that night) had a fling with Bieber following Victoria’s Secret’s 2012 runway show. Miranda’s friends snitched she’d even taught her and Bloom’s son to say “Bieber Fever.”

After learning of their liaison Bloom tried to settle the score in April of this year by pursuing Selena Gomez, but the tactic didn’t work.

“Orlando is salty because Justin was f*****g Miranda last year,” the pal told BOSSIP. “He [Bloom] went and tried to mess around with Selena and she wasn’t really with it. She already knew Justin was cheating and wasn’t interested anyway.”

But despite the “homewrecking” infraction, our source says Bloom’s anger is being misdirected.

“He should be mad at Miranda — she’s the one who went after Justin. She actually was kinda thirsty…” the source dished. “She was sending him crazy text messages, pictures. Some of them were nudes.”

Ouch. That’s got to hurt.