Octomom Investigated for Welfare Fraud

Via TMZ reports:

Evidence Octomom scammed tax payers is out in the open, and Mother of many may be facing jail time. After authorities turned up more proof of possible welfare fraud … thanks to pay stubs from her freaky job.

The L.A. County of Welfare and Fraud Dept opened an investigation against Octo — seizing her financial records — and determined she’d been overpaid $15,683 in welfare funds from Jan to May of 2013.

Now the evidence has grown … authorities seized payment records from Vivid Entertainment — the company that hawked Octo’s porn films — and uncovered Octo’s hefty triple X residuals:

January — $1,839.74
February — $2,537.27
March — $1,807.97
April — $7,381.99
May — $3,026.67
June — $1,295.37

6-month total: $17,889.01 (Again, these are residuals).

The discovery adds fuel to the fire … that Octo is a welfare cheat.

Octo could be charged with welfare fraud — a felony — and if convicted faces prison time.

Octomom is just trying to feed her fifty elevum kids, can you really blame her?

Source: TMZ