NYPD Fined $75000 over Illegal Stop and Frisk Procedure

Via NYDailyNews

A racist ex-NYPD cop has reached deep into his pocket to pay a whopping $7,500 settlement — in addition to $125,000 from the city to a Staten Island man who was falsely arrested after protesting a stop-and-frisk.

Michael Daragjati, who is serving a 57-month sentence in an Ohio federal prison for violating the civil rights of Kenrick Gray and an unrelated extortion conviction, acted as his own lawyer in settling the separate civil suit July 30.

The city refused to represent Daragjati, who was caught on an FBI wiretap boasting how he had “fried another n—-r,” referring to the April 15, 2011, arrest of Gray, who is black.


“This case is proof that racism still exists in the NYPD,” said Gray’s civil rights lawyer Brett Klein. “We call on the city to immediately implement policies to change this environment and root out all racist and rogue police officers.”

Brooklyn Federal Judge William Kuntz had noted at the cop’s sentencing last year that he was the subject of two civilian complaints from black men.

Daragjati had maintained that his repeated use of the racial epithet was not racist, but was a term of derision he used for people who disrespect the law.


Source: NY Daily News