NYPD Cop Who Slammed James Blake Has History of Violence On Blacks [Video]


“I don’t think this person should ever have a badge or a gun again,” Blake later told the Associated Press.

It happened last Wednesday when Blake was innocently standing outside of the Grand Hyatt in midtown Manhattan when a plainclothes officer James Frascatore slammed him to the ground and instantly handcuffed him.

“The first words out of my mouth were ‘I’m 100 percent cooperating,'” Blake told CNN.

The overly aggressive officer is James Frascatore who has had multiple complaints against him in the past from Black arrest victims who claim that Frascatore used excessive force during their arrest for petty crimes.

Blake told CNN. “”I’ve seen [the video] a few times now, and they talk about being desensitized when you see something a lot, and I’m definitely not at that point because it still strikes a nerve. It’s still so frustrating and angering to see how vulnerable I was and what he did with that. To be a police officer you’re given a lot of rights, you’re given certain powers. And then to abuse them is just wrong.”

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton issued an apology on behalf of the NYPD, but Blake said an apology is “not enough.”

“This officer didn’t treat his badge with respect and honor the way we’re supposed to,” he told CNN. “He doesn’t deserve to ever have that badge again.”

The New York undercover officer who failed to identify himself before tacking and handcuffing the tennis star has an extensive history of complaints filed against him during his brief time on the police force.

The officer, who has plans of becoming a detective,  has been placed on desk duty and had his gun and badge pulled after police authorities viewed surveillance video from the hotel.

According to the New York Post, Frascatore is included in a lawsuit stating he “sadistically and maliciously” beat Warren Diggs outside his home in 2013.

Stefon Luckey is another victim who has a current $5 million lawsuit against Frascatore and several other cops in pending, Luckey claims the officer punched him twice in the stomach and called him a “f- -king n- - - -r,” after he was racially profiled him outside of a Queens deli in May 2013.

Another victim in Queens, Leroy Cline, said Frascatore punched him in the face several times during a traffic stop for a broken taillight, with the officer stating that Cline tried to bite him. Medical examiners reviewing the case said the physical evidence showed that Frascatore has injuries to his hand consistent with punches having been thrown. Assault charges against Cline were dropped as he pleaded guilty to the traffic infraction.

Frascatore is expected to remain on desk duty as investigators continue to review the incident with Blake which is considerably higher profile than his previous altercations with New York residents.

We’re so glad this story has come to the limelight. It helps show the great need for proper training, and continued training for all of our police officers.

Racial profiling and police misconduct can not continue to be a regular part of modern day policing in a country built on democracy.

Source: HuffingtonPost & RawStory