NY Magazine Does Cover Story on 35 Bill Cosby Accusers


New York Magazine just featured a cover story on 35 of Bill Cosby’s 42+ alleged rape victims and the powerful piece has everyone talking.

35 women sit lined up in front of a white background in a way that brings to focus  the vast number of women who have come forward all saying the same. That the man once considered to be “America’s Dad”, is indeed a rapist, and has gotten away with it for decades. 

Via: HuffingtonPost

“Another Cosby Victim Comes Forward”

“Three More Women Accuse Bill Cosby Of Rape”

“Cosby’s Long List Of Accusers”

Odds are, you’ve spent the past several months reading headlines like these over and over again. Bill Cosby, once beloved as a comedy icon and cultural patriarch, has been publicly accused of sexual assault by at least 46 different women, may of whom were teenagers at the time of the alleged attacks. Despite the mounting evidence against him, Cosby denies he ever did anything wrong. 

 New York Magazine interviewed 35 of these women. The result of these interviews is a powerful series of photos and videos, each one detailing the abuse the women describe suffering at the hands of the embattled comedian, as well as the reactions they faced once they came forward.

“When I see a Jell-O pudding, it comes flooding back,” said Sammie Mays, a writer who says Cosby attacked her in 1986 at a television convention. “Bill Cosby, that encounter, that one time, played a major factor in the direction my life took, toward the dark side.”

Former supermodel Janice Dickinson and journalist Joan Tarshis are also among the subjects of the visual series.

The women have assembled in what Tarshis calls “a sorrowful sisterhood,” each using the others’ claims as proof she should stand by her own.

Check out NYMag’s full story here.