NIke SB x Air Jordan Collaboration Inspired By Legendary Pro Skater Lance Mountain [Video]


Thanks to skate legend Lance Mountain, Nike is getting ready for their second installment crossover between Air Jordan and Nike SB.

For those who don’t know who Lance Mountain is, he ripped the skate ramps in the 80’s. He is also introduced the Air Jordan 1’s to the skate culture which are very popular today still.

Lance Mountain came into the skate culture wearing mismatched color Air Jordan 1’s. The 1’s are very important to the sneaker culture not only because they are the very 1st pair of Jordan’s that MJ wore, but the silhouette of the shoe is iconic making it one of the hardest sneakers to get.

Check out the video below to see what Lance Mountain has to say about his influence on the air jordan 1’s to the skate culture.

These cool sneakers are set to drop June 7 of this year online and selected Nike SB Retailers.

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