Nicki Minaj Has Spat With Taylor Swift After Calling Out VMAs For Racism


Nicki Minaj is well known for speaking her mind and standing up for what she believes in. And the Barbz believes in ending the racial discrimination towards Black artist by mainstream media.

Nicki took to Twitter to vent her frustrations on being snubbed for the Video of the Year nomination for “Anaconda” and “Feelin Myself” despite the groundbreaking results both music videos produced.

However, upon Nicki’s Black empowerment twitter rant, pop star Taylor Swift assumed Nick was taking shots at her and pretty much barked up the wrong tree.

Peep the entire Twitter exchange below.

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Taylor Swift must have felt like Nicki was throwing shade at her and took to Twitter to speak her peace. But it doesn’t seem like Taylor was ready for the Barbz.

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Nicki soon responded with a “bish whet” …….

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And thats when Team Barbz went ham on Taylor, and mainstream media for spinning the story in a way that made Taylor look like the victim and Nicki look like the bully.

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We’re glad that Nicki was bold enough to address this ongoing issue within mainstream award shows. Year after year many talented Black performers are snubbed on being acknowledged for their work while their white counterparts receive all the praise.

Macklemore, Iggy Azalea, the entire Academy Awards, and the list goes on. When will it end? Hopefully Nicki helped spark something good that will result in much-needed change. #BlackIsBeautiful

*Please note how biasely TMZ, and other mainstream media outlets report the story in favor of Taylor. Another perfect example of why we need to support more urban and non-bias media outlets.*