Nicki Minaj Calls Out Meek Mill & Trey Songz For Trolling Her #Shether Shame [Pics


Nicki Minaj is firing off the shots at her ex Meek Mill and former music collaborator Trey Songz after the two appeared to throw her shade following Remy Ma‘s release of her Nicki diss track “Shether“.

After Nicki called forced Trey to admit that they didn’t have sex on twitter following Remy’s allegations that they did on her now notorious diss track, Trey was seen hanging out with Nicki’s ex Meek Mill who also was seen liking shady pics and comments about Nicki’s “shethering”.

game-meek meek-like-assdrop-comment

Following the sub shade, thrown by Trey and Meek, the two were spotted in the studio together, and Nicki made sure to comment on the bitchassness.meek-trey-nickicommentYIKES! Looks like the gloves are off and there are indeed no chances of Meek and Nicki ever getting back together!

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