Nick Gordon Being Sued in Bobbi Kristina Wrongful Death Lawsuit


While Bobbi Kristina is being moved to a hospice where she will live out her final days, her family has decided to move forward with a wrongful death lawsuit against her “brother/spouse” Nick Gordon. 

The lawsuit documents alledge that Nick was an abusive partner who repeatedly physically attacked Bobbi Kristina, while secretly emptying out her bank account behind her back.

No one knows the truth of what happened that caused Bobbi Kristina to be found face down in a bathtub of water. But from the way Nick was acting during his interview with Dr. Phil, we can’t say that we exactly weed out foul play either.

Via: TMZ

Bobbi Kristina was the victim of a nefarious plot by her boyfriend Nick Gordon, who secretly stole cash from her Whitney Houston inheritance, and physically abused her … according to Bobbi’s conservator.

Bobbi Kristina’s estate filed a $40 million lawsuit against Gordon on Wednesday … accusing Gordon of regularly transferring funds from her account to his account, including $11,000 AFTER she’d fallen into the coma.

The docs also say Gordon was beating Bobbi Kristina, and on one occasion dragged “her upstairs by her hair.” He also allegedly punched her in the face and knocked out a front tooth.

Bobbi Kristina intended to reveal the abuse she was suffering to a close friend. According to the docs, she had set up a time to meet that friend on Jan. 31 … but she never made it.

Instead, Bobbi Kristina was found face down in her bathtub that morning with a swollen mouth and another tooth knocked out. The lawsuit doesn’t squarely blame Gordon for those injuries, but it strongly hints at it — and as we’ve reported … police have been investigating Nick.

The suit was filed by Bedelia Hargrove — who the court appointed in May … as conservator over Bobbi Kristina’s financial affairs.