Nick Gordon Being Sued For $10 Million For Hitting & Stealing From Bobbi Kristina


Its hard to look at the details of this $10 million lawsuit against Nick Gordon and NOT think that he had something to do with the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown.

As America waits for the truth behind what caused Bobbi Kristina’s bathtub accident, her spouse Nick Gordon is gearing up for the worst.

Via: NYDailyNews

The boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina Brown, Nick Gordon, was officially served with a $10 million lawsuit accusing him of beating Brown and stealing from her after her dire medical crisis.

Gordon was leaving a Starbucks in Longwood, Fla., north of Orlando, clutching a large whip cream-topped Frappuccino on Sunday when a process server appeared and shoved a manila envelope in his hands.

“What was that?” a bystander asked, as Gordon took a seat at a table in front of the coffee shop.

“I have no idea,” said the baffled-looking Gordon.

He spent the next several minutes scrolling through his phone as the envelope sat on a chair across the table.

Filed in Fulton County, Ga., on June 24, the civil complaint claimed Gordon caused “substantial” harm to Whitney Houston’s 22-year-old daughter, including an incident when he punched her in the face, “knocking out a front tooth and [dragged] her upstairs by her hair.”

It also claimed Gordon kept an iron grip on Brown’s finances and personal life, making a habit of answering her cell phone and not allowing her to make appointments without her approval.

On the day of her tragic bathtub incident, Brown had made plans to meet up with someone to whom she’d previously confided that Gordon was “not the man she thought he was.”

Instead, on that morning, Bobbi Kristina and Gordon got in an explosive argument at her Georgia home, the lawsuit claimed.

“The loud argument ended and Brown was later found unresponsive and unconscious, face down in a bathtub, with her mouth swollen and another tooth knocked out,” said the complaint, which was filed by Brown’s court-appointed conservator Bedelia Hargrove.

After Brown was hospitalized and placed in a medically induced coma, Gordon accessed her bank account and stole more than $11,000, the suit said.

Everyone will be watching to see how this plays out in court. Pray for Bobbi Kristina and her family during this rough time.