Nick Cannon Writes Open Letter to His Childhood Friend Amanda Bynes

Wild n Out creator/host Nick Cannon and troubled-star Amanda Bynes both found fame on Nickelodeon’s All That, but their careers have taken totally different turns since then. With Nick hosting America’s Got Talent and marrying superstar singer Mariah Carey and Amanda retiring from acting and lashing out with a series of arrests and bizarre tweets.

“Lately I have been hit with an onslaught of questions about someone I consider family, someone I watched grow up, and someone I genuinely feel is one of the most pleasant human beings I have had the pleasure of meeting, Amanda Bynes,” Cannon wrote. “The questions have ranged from, ‘Have you spoken to Amanda’ to ‘Are you working on her rap album.’ Sometimes I would answer in a playful humorous manner and sometimes I would brush it off as another pop culture topic that a reporter was trying to retrieve a sound bite for. But after recent events of Amanda being admitted under psychiatric care and reported as 5150, I see this as no laughing matter.”


While Cannon calls a career in entertainment “one of the best and easiest occupations to ever have,” he says “one must know how to navigate through the matrix or you may find yourself in a very dark hole.”

“I tweeted a few weeks about how the entertainment industry just consumes people and spits them out like flavorless bubblegum. A few chews of enjoyment then they’re under a city bus bench. Don’t get me wrong this is not a pity for the popular statement. I am always the first to say that fame and entertainment is one of the best and easiest occupations to ever have, but one must know how to navigate through the matrix or you may find yourself in a very dark hole. When a person is told all of their life that they are awesome, the best, the greatest and they are catered to every moment of the day. Imagine being the breadwinner in your household before you can even drive. Imagine you parents, teachers, and employers NEVER telling you NO. Anything you ask for or want, the world gives you, at some point you are bound to self-destruct. I call this “access to excess”. I’ve seen it happen to many of my friends and colleagues young and old. It goes back to that old saying; “Too much of anything is bad for anyone”.”

Amanda Bynes and cast of All That photographed in 1999

Before wrapping up his letter with some lyrics from Bill Withers’ “Lean on Me,” he addresses Bynes and offers help to his onetime co-star:” So I say to my sister Amanda Bynes you’re not alone. I’m here for you. I understand. I care and I appreciate you, because that’s what family does and that’s what family is for.”

This letter was deep. Amanda really does need all the help and support she can get right now, and it was nice of Nick to reach out.

Read the full letter HERE

Here are Nick Cannon and Amanda Bynes in old times…..this brings us back to our childhood:

Source: PopWatch