Nia Guzman Demanding Supervised Visits For Chris Brown & Royalty


Since finding out that he is the father of baby Royalty, Chris Brown and her mother, Nia Guzman, had attempted to reach a co-parenting agreement without involving the courts.

However, after a home invasion encounter, and other violent incidents involving Chris, Nia is convinced that Breezy isn’t responsible enough to have unsupervised visits with his daughter.

At this point the courts will have to get involved in order to determine how Chris and Nia will continue on with their co-parenting agreement.

Via: TMZ

Chris Brown’s baby mama fears for the safety of their daughter when she’s alone with him … so she’s asking a judge to ONLY allow him to see 1-year-old Royalty when someone else is around.

We’re told Nia Guzman just filed the legal docs for supervised visitation. Chris has filed his own docs to establish paternity so he can fight for joint custody, but so far the judge has not ruled.

We’re told Guzman wants full custody because she thinks Chris is simply too irresponsible to care for a kid on his own and she believes he and his friends all have substance abuse issues. He thinks it’s all just a ploy to get more child support.

So much for working things out without a court order.