Networking Is More Than Just Handing Over A Business Card- Tips On How to Properly Invest In Yourself


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“Networking is more than just handing over a business card, it’s making an investment in yourself.” – Shaheim Kellum

Huh? How could it be an investment in yourself, you ask? Easy, it’s you choosing yourself and you putting forth the effort to learn about yourself. For example, you attend a networking event and speak to a person that seems to be of interest. The conversation is brief and non-engaging. And let’s say you hand your business card to the person. Will they call? Maybe. Maybe not. But you would not have learned anything about yourself until the person takes action on either side. If the person calls, though your conversation was brief and non-engaging, it may have been powerful enough for the person to consider you a resource or an opportunity. If the person doesn’t call, then it has taught you that you may want to work on your engagement and conversation skills.

You see, the business card is the proposal or offer you give out to make a connection for further conversation, acquisition of services and/or future endeavors. But the real lesson is how effective you were in opening your mouth. As I always say“every time you open your mouth, you tell the world who you are, so you might as well have something to say.”Shaheim Says Video…

So let me ask you this, would you invest into something that is worth it? What about yourself, do you think you’re worth it? Do you feel like you are worth your own time? The thought of you not answering “YES” to these questions would be astounding as we all think we’re worth it. (You better be, if you’re looking to be in business.) But knowing that you would invest into something that you feel is worth it, is one of the greatest obstacles to overcome in making a decision. Don’t you agree?

Choosing Yourself

Choosing yourself has to be one of the best concepts I ever learned. What do I mean? I mean, you don’t need someone to say “I choose {insert your name here} or “I choose you.”

You, can say it. Will it mean anything? Well, that’s up to you. You see, people have this notion we’ve grown accustomed to where we seek the approval or recommendation of others to be chosen. To feel like we’ve made it. Do you need someone to tell you that you’re a leader, an innovator or a success? If you think it’s possible or you think it’s so, then do it for you.

“Success is what it means to you.” – Shaheim Kellum

I’ll explain that quote at another time but the point is, you can choose. And if no one has ever said it to you before, YOU, can choose you.

So now that you’re the “Chosen One”, you can make an investment into yourself. Your personal knowledge, your productivity and your capabilities are all areas of value. They’re valuable to you and others but until you invest in the development of yourself, you won’t grow. (


Here’s my challenge to you. Challenge yourself by asking, what did I learn about myself in a given situation. It could be an interaction, performing an activity or studying a new concept to implement in your business. Every situation, every interaction and every activity has a lesson to be learned. How you find that lesson is a reflection of your current understanding of yourself. So it’s important to be honest with yourself, and if you don’t know then you don’t know but the challenge is to find out.


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