NBC Fires Donald Trump After Racist Comments on Mexicans


Billionaire business mogul, Donald Trump, has finally been on the receiving end of his now infamous catch phrase, “You’re Fired!”

Trump was let go by NBC after stirring up controversy over recent racist remarks he made on Mexicans and immigrants living in America during his Presidential campaign announcement two weeks ago.

Via: TMZ

Donald Trump has been fired from NBC because of his recent comments about Mexicans, but hey, business is business, so there’s a catch.

Donald Trump at BOA Steakhouse

NBC just said, “Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBC Universal is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump.”

The network says ‘Miss USA’ and ‘Miss Universe’ will no longer air on NBC.

As for “The Apprentice,” the network notes Trump has already said he won’t participate because of his presidential run.

BUT … the network says, “Celebrity Apprentice” is a Mark Burnett production and “that relationship will continue.” And guess who hosts that show? NBC did not say it would demand a different host.

As we said, business is business.