NBA Player DeMarcus Cousins Set to Donate $1 Million to Families in Sacramento After Signing New Deal


Sacramento Kings star Demarcus Cousins has had his share of troubles since joining the team since 2010. But that hasn’t stopped them from compensating him and he, in turn, is giving back to the community.

The Kings organization and point guard recently agreed to a four year contract extension and reportedly, the deal is worth about $62 million. Though he’s been suspended from the team in the past and been accused of not giving his all and being detrimental to the team, the Kings decided that he will be their franchise player for many years to come.

But what was even more impressive was what Cousins said he’d be doing for the city of Sacramento.

At the end of the press conference announcing the deal, a seemingly nervous Cousins announced he’d be donating $1 million to families and communities in the city.  He wasn’t exactly clear what families he was talking about, but one can only assume he meant families who were experiencing some serious financial troubles.

He also announced he would be donating to St. HOPE, a non-profit organization founded by former basketball player and current mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson. St. HOPE (Helping Others Pursue Excellence)  is broken down into three divisions: St. Hope Academy (a charter school in Harlem), St. HOPE Public Schools (a charter school system that educates 2,000 students in seven school) and St. HOPE Development (which restores historic Sacramento buildings and homes).

Cousins said regarding resigning with the Kings when he could have gone with a more competitive team that he values loyalty. It looks like the same could be said about his loyalty to the city in the way he’s giving back.


Source: MadameNoire