Nationwide Prison Strike Enters Second Week With 40,000+ Inmates Involved [Video]


For the first time in history prison inmates across the country are joining forces to protest against the modern day slavery-like practices that have been normalized for far too long in correction facilities throughout America.

MaseTV is passionately following this story as thousands of inmates fight for the right to be treated fairly and not like modern-day slaves.

Across the country, inmates, often paid little or nothing for their labor, are going on strike demanding better treatment, pay, housing conditions and medical care.

The strikes began on the 45th anniversary of the 1971 Attica Prison uprising in New York. Specifically, a nationwide prison strike that involves some 24,000 inmates in at least 40 prisons from at least half the states where prisoners are acting in open opposition to guards, in many cases refusing to eat or work as they protest their conditions and free labor.

RT America has coverage of the strikes with RT’s Ashlee Banks, Brigida Santos, and Marina Portnaya reporting on what the inmates want to see changed in prisons across the country. Then RT America’s Simone Del Rosario talks with Azzurra Crispino of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, who says private corporations are the ones that benefit from the prison labor industry.