Nate Parker Defends Being Woke & Married To A White Woman [Video]


“Birth Of A Nation” director Nate Parker has been under extreme pressure and criticism in wake of the release of his critically-acclaimed film on the first accounted slave rebellion.who’s fielding serious condemnation after his 1999 rape acquittal case resurfaced, made a point to defend his marriage at a movie screening.

As he deals with the harsh backlash over the resurfacing of his 1999 college rape acquittal at Penn State,  the actor/director is now also having to defend his interracial marriage at a movie screening.

Just a few days ago, Parker addressed a crowd full of media and made sure to note that while he loves his wife of nearly a decade, Sarah DiSanto, he “loves ‘yall too.”

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While speaking after a screening of The Birth of a Nation at The Merge Summit in Hollywood this week, Parker responded to that particular criticism in a conversation with interviewer Jawn Murray.

“My wife is not African American,” Parker said. “I met my wife in college when I was 18 or 19. Nineteen? When I was 19. I fell in love with her. We’ve been together off and on since then. We got married nine years ago, August 10.”

Parker continued, noting that while his wife isn’t Black, she cares about the community and is, of course, raising Black children.

“She’s the love of my life. She’s not of African descent but she reads the books that I give her. She knows that she’s raising Black kids. I say that to say that I know I came under criticism for that and not that I have to speak to it. But I want everyone that can hear my voice to know that I love my wife but I love ya’ll, too.”