#MustRead | “Remembering Olympus” By Royce Murcherson


For anyone who is bored with the ordinary occurrence of everyday life and crave information that further proves that there’s life beyond our physical existence……we strongly urge you to read “Remembering Olympus” by Royce Murcherson.


In “Remembering Olympus” Royce Murcherson explores the belief that there is life beyond our current one while taking the reader on a journey through true eternal love, and the concept of creating your own reality through the power of the mind.

Mystery and magic are intertwined as “Remembering Olympus” highlights the creative power of love and jealousy. In the book we’re introduced to Aaron Payne, a typical urban professional who is dead set on running away from his impoverished past. Things seem to be going well for Aaron when he coincidently meets Miranda Reed, a beautiful gentrified heiress whom Aaron believes is the one he’s been waiting for until unforeseen events throw his life into a disarray.

Aaron soon crosses paths with a mysterious woman name Claire Vinson, who gets him entangled in an even deeper mystery that involves Aaron’s past life in shifting times. “Remembering Olympus” possesses a prophetic tone as it engulfs the reader in a mystical revelation while challenging our current perceptions of reality in such a way that makes you ask “Are humans more than just mere mortals?”

In pursuit of finding out exactly who he is, Aaron soon becomes the pursued after ignoring his mentor Dalia Hunsaker’s life-changing advice, “….even goodness has its limitations”.

If you’re a reader who’s into mysteries, magical fantasy, and even spirituality, then we urge you order your copy of “Remembering Olympus” today. Explore the magic that has always lived inside of you.

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