#MustRead – Powerful Economic Insight On How to “End Unemployment Now” By Ravi Batra


The average urban millennial is well aware of the many challenges we face as we work to sustain our futures during the aftermath of a national recession. While many millennials have high hopes for wealth and prosperity in their future, massive student loan debts, over abundance of underpaid jobs, and slowly decreasing unemployment rates are what await us today.

What is the solution to our shaky economy? Why isn’t our government doing anything about it? Is there a way to end high unemployment rates for good while strengthening our financial structure nationwide?

New York Times Bestselling Author, Ravi Batra, has the answers in his new book “End Unemployment Now: How to Eliminate Joblessness, Debt, and Poverty Despite Congress”.

“End Unemployment” is a reality-based blueprint with a feasible action-plan on how to end unemployment quickly while reviving the middle class and bypassing a stubborn and uncooperative Congress.

Batra keeps you fully engaged as he outlines the hardcore facts on how our Congress worked to lose our trust, to the Presidents who played a part in our economic downfall, to the existing opportunity we currently have at fixing our major economic issues without Congressional involvement.

Batra makes bold suggestions on new ways to end unemployment without any intrusion from Congress by suggesting that we:

– Have the FDIC create a bank to compete with the baking giants and then charge only 5% interest rates on credit card balances instead of the current standard of 10-35%
– Ban mergers among large and profitable firms, as they often times lead to layoffs and increase monopolistic rituals
– Provide aid to small businesses in the form of cheap loans and government contracts, because small firms have been the real job creators since 1980, while many big business destroy jobs for cheap labor
– Offer retiree bonds to increase the incomes of pensioners who live on their savings and often get setback by high interest rates
– Bring oil prices down to $20 a barrel

Batra goes where many of our politicians won’t as he thoroughly details his blueprint for ending poverty, debt, and unemployment through a free market system.

If you want to know the definitive ways on how to rid ourselves of another economic downfall in this lifetime, then we urge you to read “End Unemployment Now”. Order your copy today.

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