#MustRead on Mental Health in the Black Family – “African Americans and Depression”


Depression is a commonly overlooked mental health issue that is painful, lonely, scary, and can ruin even the best life plans, and it also does not discriminate. No one race or culture is more affected by depression than the next. However, many communities view and react to depression differently.

The unique experiences of African Americans are a current popular topic and have sparked interest in a national debate. However, issues of mental health are still too often overlooked by mainstream media and the Black community.

In “African Americans and Depression: Signs, Awareness, Treatments, and Interventions” readers are able to uncover the realities of depression within the Black family, and the different ways that some deal with it or choose to ignore it.

Authors Julia F. Hastings, Lani V. Jones, and Pamela P. Martin provide guidance and insight for better understanding the illness, suggestions on how to heal and recover holistically, and pathways for getting help.

“African Americans and Depression” places a special focus on the psychological and medical needs of African Americans, while the authors work to outline for the reader:

  • An overview of clinical depression among African Americans
  • Discuss the signs of and cultural myths surrounding clinical depression
  • Outline the mental health help-seeking process for African Americans
  • Suggest potential barriers and strategies for healing
  • Community-based interventions and innovations in mental health service programs
  • Insight on mental health and health policy in the U.S. healthcare systems.

All this and so much more. “African Americans and Depression” will help aid the reader to better understand depression within the Black family, and how and where to find help.

At a time when many are screaming that #BlackLivesMatter a book like “African Americans and Depression” helps build the foundation for solving some of the deep-rooted issues within the African American household.

We urge you to order your copy of “African Americans and Depression: Signs, Awareness, Treatments, and Interventions” today. And be sure to begin the discussion with your family, friends, and peers on mental health within the Black community.