#MustRead – Learn How to Deal With Change After Reading “Detour” By Steve Gilliland


Change is one of the hardest things to deal with when considering the many curveballs that life can, and will, throw at you.

Whether you are currently going through mild changes, or awaiting major reorganization for the future, the concept of change is inevitable for every successful person and/or organization.

If you’re one who has trouble with embracing change and the random challenges that life constantly throws at you, then I invite you to read “Detour: Developing the Mindset to Navigate Life’s Turns” by Hall of Fame Speaker and best-selling author Steve Gilliland.


“Detour” is a self empowerment based book that focuses on change by walking the reader through the necessity of change by providing remarkable insight on how to deal with change. Gilliland shares personal stories from himself and others in order to provide the reader with tips on how to handle change in a fluctuating workplace and navigate life’s turns when something sets you on a course that you never planned.

By reading through the chapters of “Detour” it will help you develop….


. The Mindset of Recognition – this chapter aims to help the reader identify the prerequisites for change.

. The Mindset of Reaction – in this chapter Gilliland provides tips on how to best manage the stress that comes when going through change.

. The Mindset of Reality – where the reader learns how to discover the three sides to a story.

. The Mindset of Resourcefulness – this chapter helps the reader learn how to dismiss the self-imposed limitations that we often place upon ourselves when faced with change.

. The Mindset of Receptiveness – where the readers grasps how to choose the belief of possibilities versus the belief of limitations.

. The Mindset of Resolution – Where Gilliland wraps up his lesson on change by unearthing the power of determination.

“It is what it is” should NOT be your way of dealing with change. When you least expect it, life challenges your courage and willingness to change. In this awkward and uneasy moments, you can either accept the change for what it is or make it what you desire it to be.

Just as failure is a necessary part of success, every “Detour” is a critical part of your trip and allows you to exercise creativity and resourcefulness by moving forward in ways you had not anticipated.

Move forward by ordering your copy of “Detour” today, and leave your fear of change behind.