#MustRead – “Dirty Little Secrets of Family Business How to Ensure Success From One Generation to The Next”


Approximately 70% of all businesses are family-owned businesses, and surprisingly only two out of three of those family-owned businesses don’t survive to the next generation.

If you’re employed with a family-owned business, hearing these statistics will make you wonder about what you can do to make sure your business will survive and thrive for years to come.

To better educate yourself on how to build a thriving family business, we strongly recommend reading “Dirty Little Secrets of Family Business” by Henry Hutcheson.

The family business help book thoroughly walks the reader through how to strengthen their family run business by listing the various issues that arise within a family-owned business, and how to overcome them. The book acts a step-by-step guidebook on how to get your family business structured and organized to withstand the test of time.

When reading “Dirty Little Secrets to Family Business” you will learn:

  • How to combat issues of entitlement
  • How to let staff go (even if they’re family members)
  • Employee compensation
  • How to properly bring your children into the business
  • Managing shareholder agreements
  • Selecting the next leaders
  • Deciding if you should keep the business or sell it
  • Mone matters
  •  Exit strategies
  • Conflict resolution
  • Transitioning to the next generation

And so much more!

“Dirty Little Secrets” was written for current and next-generation business owners, and includes multiple firsthand stories from members of family-owned businesses to leave the reader feeling fully confident and educated on how to make their family business thrive in their own way.

Family business coach Henry Hutchinson wrote the perfect guidebook to help your family business grow today and continue to flourish into tomorrow. This is a guaranteed must read for any family-owned business. So order your copy today!

Certified Management Consultant® and the founder and president of Family Business USA, Henry Hutcheson specializes in helping family businesses and privately held businesses improve business operations, prepare for transition, secure wealth, and strengthen family relationships. While his focus is on succession, his work entails managing conflict and enhancing communication, planning and preparing the family and business for a smooth transition to the next generation, grooming the next generation as high-performance leaders, and working with the exiting generation to define their role going forward, in his new book Dirty Little Secrets of Family Business: Ensuring Success from One Generation to the Next.

Image: ChipsMagazine