#MustRead for Corporate Execs: “Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line & Build Your Brand on Purpose”


Long gone are the days when an unhappy employee will just stick with a company for the salary and benefits. We now live in a time where many employees seek purpose behind their paycheck. However, most big corporate companies have lost their path in putting purpose behind their company’s mission and bottom line.

Corporate America has a problem. Workers are disengaged, corporations are distrusted, and executives are confined to proving their worth by delivering ever-improving profits and shareholder value. It’s not a system that encourages visionary leaders, engages employees, or builds stakeholder loyalty.


So where does this leave the many companies who are seeking so desperately to stay true to their company’s mission, while making their quarterly, and keeping their staff happy and engaged?

That is where co-authors Jackie Dryden and Bethany Andell come in with their life-changing book, “Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line, and Build Your Brand on Purpose”.

The book acts as a personal consultant for visionary leaders to reconnect with their true strengths through the power of Purpose. The guidebook also helps companies create an action plan on how to re-shift their corporate focus in order to put purpose back at the top of their company’s bottom line of goals.

If you believe that the Purpose of a company is to provide something of value to the world and make a profit doing it, and if you’re interested in knowing more about how purposeful companies attract the best employees, build lasting relationships with their customers, and differentiate themselves from their competition, then you are ready for a Savage way of thinking.


People are hungry for meaningful work with employers who are making a difference in the world. And leaders are beginning to feel the pressure to demonstrate a significant purpose behind their companies work. Executives who are able to shift their focus from solely improving the bottom line to the company’s long-term health and non-monetary impact on the world are realizing success.

In the book you will be introduced to the concept of “Savage Thinking”. Savage Thinking® is an ideology and methodology that walks leaders through the practicalities of making a switch that is simple in theory, although a challenge in practice. Instead of focusing on the bottom line, it flips traditional thinking and focuses on Purpose first.


In this new way of thinking – Purpose – the core reason a company exists, becomes the benchmark against which all success is measured. Purpose provides the foundation for a company’s strategic planning, its operations, its people, and its brand. Purpose drives Performance. Performance drives Profits.

If you’re a visionary leader who’s looking to reconnect with the Purpose in your life and in your company’s life, then we strongly urge you to read, “Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line”. This is a read that will change the course of your business structure for the better.

Why pay a pricey consultant to tell you what you can learn from reading one book?! Get your copy today!

Jackie Dryden, co-author with Bethany Andell of Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line, is Chief Purpose Architect with Savage Brands, which works with companies to build purposeful brands. With a passion for helping others discover “why” and “what for,” Jackie leads individuals and companies to understand how to better relate and communicate what sets them apart.