#MustRead “Compassionate Careers: Make A Living By Making A Difference”


“What I see when I look into the eyes and hearts of the people who serve is joy. My invitation to you is to join them on that path with a heart.”

~Archbishop Desmond Tutu~

The average millennial dreads working a job they’re not passionate about. Most young people today look for work within industries that match their own personal purpose, interests, and values.

If you’re a millennial who has hopes of making a living in life by making a difference to others, then we invite you to read “Compassionate Careers” by Jeffrey W. Pryor and Alexandra Mitchell.

In “Compassionate Careers: Making A Living By Making A Difference” you get inside information on extensive research put behind people who have meaningful careers within cause-driven organizations. Their stories, along with statistical data and research help capture the spirit, intelligence, imagination, and heart of working within a purposeful job.

The book acts as an inspirational guide to helping millennials, or anyone who feels bored with sitting on the sidelines, find purpose-driven work within an industry that naturally interests them. According to a broad study in 2010, majority of millennials consider it their duty to “make a difference in the world” and find something beyond “just a job”.

Those who read “Compassionate Careers” will get inside insight on:

  • Interview from everyday heroes, and world icons, who rolled up their sleeves and get involved in purpose-driven work.
  • an online assessment that identifies the organizational culture for which you are best suited to serve in.
  • Valuable resources for exploring and landing a compassionate career.
  • Six years worth of extensive background research on non-profits, purpose-driven work, and the overall working class community.
  • Exercises and resources for hands-on exploration of compassionate career opportunities.

“Compassionate Careers: Making A Living By Making A Difference” is intended to be both inspirational and realistic. Reading this book and thoroughly taking in its suggestions will improve one’s chances of finding and obtaining a compassionate career. It might even inspire you to start your own non-profit.

An old Yaqui Indian proverb reads: “If you have a choice of paths to take in life, take the path with a heart.”

If you’re heart is leading you towards taking the leap to a purpose-driven career, then we urge you to read “Compassionate Careers”. Click HERE to make a purpose-driven purchase. 

Compassionate Careers Book Cover

The authors of “Compassionate Careers” are Jeffrey W. Pryor and Alexandra Mitchell, CEO and President of Pathfinder Solutions, an organization dedicated to providing research and training on talent development to nonprofits and other organizations. They have found that many people are not aware of the variety of compassionate careers that exist. According to their survey 96% of nonprofit and foundation leaders (about a third of whom are under 40) said that neither a counselor nor a teachers has ever suggested this sector to them.

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