Music for the Outcasts: Canadian Rap Duo Dead Celebrity Status Drop “The Throwaway Kids”


Offering music for the outcasts, punks, rebels, bullied and subcultures, genre bending progressive hip-hop Canadian group, Dead Celebrity Status returns with the latest single off their sophomore album The Throwaway Kids.

Dead Celebrity Status, consisting of Yas Taalat and Bobby McIntoshaims, aim to burn down pop culture’s house of mirrors with their unique blend of progressive hip-hop and genre bending musicality. The Throwaway Kids marks the triumphant return of Dead Celebrity Status following a seven-year hiatus.

Consistently refusing to be boxed into the mold of pop music puppets of the day, the group follows up their debut album Blood Music with a grittier sound enveloped in razor sharp, critical lyricism. Dead Celebrity Status has collaborated with artists such as Joss Stone and Dave Navarro,

Yas Taalat says, When we released our first album, it was what the title said, Blood Music – music is blood, blood is oxygen – music is our bloodline. With Throwaway Kids, it means just that. Throwaway kids are everything that goes against the norms. We are the overlooked, the forgotten, the misunderstood and the neglected. We are for the outcasts, the punks, the rebels, the bullied and the subcultures – we are all things socially conscious.”

Are you feeling the “Throwaway Kids” track?