MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals II “Mortuusequusphobia” Jemmye’s Fear of Ketchup


This week’s episode started with the housemates partying and flirting with each other at the club…..of course CT was involved, as he flirted the night away with ! Nany heard that Diem called her a “slut” because she was dancing and flirting with CT at the club, and confronted her on it. Diem and Nany had a mini back and forth, but called it quits and moved on. Why must CT always be the center of all the controversy?


This week’s challenge was called “Stumped”, which required the players to carry a heavy bamboo pole through a maze of bamboo all while having the fastest time to avoid elimination. The girls were set to go home this week, so they were already plotting on whom they were voting in at the challenge.  Wes and CT had some challenges during their run because Wes couldn’t understand a word that was coming out of his mouth. LOL.


The weather turned around for the worst after it began hailing in the middle of the challenge, however Emily and Paula still did an amazing job. Being that Theresa and Jasmin lost the challenge they were automatically set to go into the jungle. Which left the other teams, outside of Paula and Emily, to be voted into the jungle…..backstabbing/alliance time!!! It looked like Cooke and Cara Marie were the victims this week for going into the jungle, and by close to unanimous vote they were set to battle Jasmin and Theresa in the jungle.

After finding out that Jemmye and Leroy were hooking up, Preston (Jemmye’s ex boyfriend) felt a way and began talking crap about her to everyone. He acted like a fifth grader when he picked a fight with Jemmye by throwing ketchup on her, knowing that Jemmye weirdly has a fear of ketchup. Jemmye was extremely upset, and threw a garbage can at Preston before crying, screaming, and rubbing it in his face that she is with Leroy….Just like any other normal ADULT would do.


Leroy wasn’t feeling the drama between Jemmye and Preston, so he moved on to Theresa…we feel you Leroy! Upon arriving to the jungle the players were shocked to see the host TJ in an apron and scary-looking jungle challenge setup. The girls were scared for what the challenge held. They found out that they’d be attached to a gurney that will electrocute them with 400 watts of electricity and hold onto the gurney longer than the other team.


However, it was all a joke when TJ announced that no one would be going home tonight and Cara Maria and Cooke still had another week in the house. The girls who were set to compete in the jungle were relieved, however the rest of the girls were pissed that Cara Maria was still in the house.

The episode ended beautifully as we got to see Diem face her fears and take off her wig and embrace herself. Diem’s story is and always will be an inspiration, and it’s amazing to watch her be open with her struggles and insecurities over her illness. Diem you rock!!!


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