MTV Bringing Back “Cribs” to Snapchat


MTV Cribs fans can rejoice as the fan favorite is making its official return to the network via a popular social media platform.

Via: HuffingtonPost

The cars, the unreasonably large hot tubs, the disappointing — sometimes disturbing — peek inside a child pop star’s (often empty, but sometimes moldy) fridge.

All this was the purview of “MTV Cribs“ when it started its run in 2000. And today, more than five years after the last episode aired, MTV announced that the series will see new life — via Snapchat.

As with the old show, celebrities will still guide fans through their homes. But instead of a 30-minute TV program, they’ll produce content specifically for MTV’s Snapchat channel, which presumably means shorter segments.

New episodes will post to the channel once a week beginning sometime in June, according to Variety. The show’s first guests will include musical artists Mac Miller, Austin Mahone and Travis Mills.

MTV did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Snapchat channels have hosted content from media giants ever since the app introduced its Discover feature in January 2015. MTV’s decision to revive a TV show exclusively for the portal, however, goes one step further than other networks, which tend to repurpose the same content they air elsewhere.

Given that it’s spending on new episodes, MTV presumably sees some kind of return ahead. But then its owner, Viacom, did recently sign a deal with Snapchat, which allows Viacom to sell ads on the app’s behalf.